Snmp on 11.4 gives no disk information

Since OS 11.4 I don’t get information about my disks any more.

I only get
hrStorageDescr.1 = STRING: Physical memory
hrStorageDescr.3 = STRING: Virtual memory
hrStorageDescr.6 = STRING: Memory buffers
hrStorageDescr.7 = STRING: Cached memory
hrStorageDescr.10 = STRING: Swap space
hrStorageDescr.33 = STRING: /dev/shm

But I cannot find the disk (disk / 5%)
hrStorageDescr.31 = STRING: /

Can anybody give a hint?


Is this a new install or upgrade ?

I think it might be a bug in the snmp package. Did You compare the versions of the snmp package between openSUSE 11.3 and 11.4 ? (I’m guessing it’s an upgraded 11.3)

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OS 11.3: net-snmp-5.5-9.1.x86_64
still works
OS 11.4: net-snmp-5.6.1-3.3.x86_64
does not.

I just found, that it only (unfortunatley for me) refers to the xfs-filesystem!?
If I mount a ext?-loopback-FS on the xfs-host, I can see it.
If I mount an loopback-xfs FS on an ext?-Host it is invisible

It this a bug or do I miss something, hmh?


I’d say it’s a bug but unfortunately it looks to be upstream. If I were You I would report this on openSUSE bugzilla. Maybe the guys there will help You out.

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