Hey all,

I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to OpenSUSE. My question is this. I have installed SNMP on my server in hopes of running Zenoss off of it. When I type in snmpd status the command does nothing. I can snmpwalk other systems, but the server itself is not accessible. I get an error of no response. Why is it that I can walk other systems but my system cannot be walked? Please help me ASAP!

What, exactly, are you trying to do? What do you mean by “running Zenoss off of it”?

I don’t know how literally to take your message, but to see if snmpd is running, you’d need to type service snmpd status as root (or using sudo and specifying /sbin/service).

You don’t need snmpd on the machine if you’re trying to run the Zenoss server on it.