snd_atiixp support of volume/mute keys


I am running openSUSE 10.3 x86_64 on a Compaq Presario V5015 laptop. With soundsystem:

Model: “Hewlett-Packard Company IXP SB400 AC’97 Audio Controller”
Vendor: pci 0x1002 “ATI Technologies Inc”
Device: pci 0x4370 “IXP SB400 AC’97 Audio Controller”
Driver: “ATI IXP AC97 controller”
Driver Modules: “snd_atiixp”

Sound works great, except for the volume and mute keys that are not supported. Now I know there is a way to map them through KDE and I had done that before when running openSUSE 10.2 on this laptop, however, I believe there should be also a way that the driver supports them.

Especially, the mute key has a LED that should go on when muting the sound that is not supported now. What is interesting, when restarting the sound system with:

sudo /etc/init.d/alsasound restart

the LED goes on and off again. So it seems like the driver does know about the LED. However, when I mute the sound through the alsamixer the LED does not change.

How can I bind the volume and mute keys so that the driver changes volume and mutes the sound? Or should that be the work of alsa?

Thanks for any help.