snapshot of old repos? (e.g. for suse12.3)


due to some failing commercial SW and extra trouble with the new boot system I currenty can’t update to 13.x. Recently some 12.3 repos disappeared (currently I’m searching for KDE3, LO-stable, security:chipcard and network:utilities).

I wonder if there is somewhere a place to find the latest ones for download/mirroring to have the last set available for installation on other machines. For some stuff I might consider switching to newer versions, but for KDE3 I worry that a 13.x repo won’t work at all on 12.3?


Have a look at .

E.g. here’s KDE:KDE3 for 12.3: (it’s even still available for 11.1 there…)

Thank you very much! Everything I’ve been looking for is on this FTP :slight_smile:
I looked at some other mirrors before but with no luck