Snapshot folder location?

Where is the default folder location for the snapshot’s? I want to change it to another hd to preserve disk space on the main hd. And, where do I actually make this change being its not available as a Menu or xml option on the Virtual Machine Manager’s UI?

It lives in /.snapshots but not moveable as it needs to reside on the subvolume it’s snapshotting. Create a bigger btrfs size? Configure snapper to keep less snapshots, make sure the snapshot clean up and btrfs maintenance is running… Or don’t use snapper and snapshots.

As this is in the Virtualiization forum and you asked about snapshots from within VM Manager,
I assume you are not asking about BTRFS snapshots which is how Malcolm answered the question.

Disk snapshots for all virtualization technologies are typically implemented as additional diskfiles in the same folder where the original virtual disk resides.
These also should not be re-located, they are essential to run the virtual machine, and there is no benefit to re-locating to a different storage pool… You’d be making your Guest more complex without any benefit.


Ahh, my bad… :frowning:

Yes, if using virt-manager, then you can add storage volume locations which should also keep the snapshot.

Okay thanks!..

The answers are assuming that you’re using one of the default openSUSE virtualization methods – Xen or KVM.

  • If you were to use the Oracle VirtualBox, the Snapshot folder is freely configurable – <Oracle® VM VirtualBox®.
    *=2]The Snapshots are usually stored in a sub-directory of the directory where the configuration file is located – which is also where the Virtual Machine file is usually located – but, this can be changed if needed …