I installed Tumbleweed with snapshots disabled.
After that I wanted to use snapper. I had this error.

snapper -c root create-config / 
IO Error (open failed path: errno:2 (No such file or directory)).

I made a subvolume /.snapshots but it didn’t work.

I have the same error.
Sorry to ask as I am new to tumbleweed: Can I install TW with snapshots enabled ?

I always do so. During installation I check this screen for correct settings:


Yes, you can install TW with snapshots enabled. In this case snapper will work.
I don’t know why TW behave this way. Fedora with snapper works fine.


I have the same issue. Is it really necessary to reinstall the system to solve this? Isn’t thera a simpler solution?


Snapper 0.8.15 is the culprit.
With snapper 0.8.16 everything is fine.
One can install it with opi from filesystems:snapper.

Thanks for the information.

I ended up reinstalling the entire system. But it is good to know that they will solve the problem in the next version.