Snapper re-enabled snapper-timeline.timer after creation of new config

I use snapper along with a home-grown BTRFS backup solution. I have all of the included timers disabled, and run the related services myself as required. With that in mind, I added a new config a couple of days ago, and could not figure out why I was seeing so many new snapshots. The culprit? snapper-timeline.timer has been re-enabled during creation.

My question in a nutshell: is this normal behavior? It’s not that big of a deal, adding new configs is not a daily activity by any stretch. Will masking the snapper timers prevent this from happening again?

And why the “other” tag and then not mentioning in the post what the “other” version is?

Sorry - it should have been TW, but I can’t change it. Why can’t I edit my own topics? Is there a timeout that locks in posts?

I changed it to Tumbleweed.

Yes. Your snapper configuration says to use timelines and snapper enabled timelines.

If you do not want timelines, do not enable them in snapper configuration. But yes, if you mask units those units cannot be used anymore.

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Thanks for the info. I do want the snapper timelines, just not its timer. My script calls snapper-timeline.service just before checking to see if a backup is needed. Since this is done every hour, I don’t need snapper’s timers.