Snapper not initiate


I’ve a issue after an update; plasma won’t start correctly. I tried to use snapshot , but i realised that snapper is not initialised.
Looking for information on the opensuse forum, i think I have a problem on my format partition, some of them are not btrfs. Am I right?

localhost:~ # more /etc/fstab 
/dev/HDSSD/RACINE                          /           btrfs  defaults             0  0
/dev/HDSSD/VAR                             /var        ext4   data=ordered         0  2
/dev/HDSSD/RACINE                          /usr/local  btrfs  subvol=/@/usr/local  0  0
/dev/HDSSD/TMP                             /tmp        ext4   data=ordered         0  2
/dev/HDSSD/RACINE                          /srv        btrfs  subvol=/@/srv        0  0
/dev/HDSATA1/ROOT                          /root       ext4   data=ordered         0  2
/dev/HDSSD/RACINE                          /opt        btrfs  subvol=/@/opt        0  0
/dev/HDSATA1/HOMEVOL                       /home       ext4   data=ordered         0  2
UUID=8c6219b2-78b7-4004-9156-407b09f68d03  /boot       ext4   data=ordered         0  2
UUID=30D9-A756                             /boot/efi   vfat   utf8                 0  2
/dev/HDSSD/SWAP                            swap        swap   defaults             0  0

I have that because I come from debian and when installing OpenSuse I do not want to format some partition with datas (for keeping the data)

Thus, I should convert ext4 to btrfs ; following this:

Is it safe?

And once this is done, I do not find clear info (at least for me… :slight_smile: ) to config snapper.
Because now, I have no config:

localhost:~ # snapper list-configs
Config | Subvolume

Fortunatly, I can start the system correctly with the previous kernel.

Thanks for your help.

See if you’re able to create a snapper config for root “/”

sudo snapper -c root create-config /

Perhaps during the installation the snapshots option was unchecked. :thinking:

Rollback with separate /boot is not supported and installer will not enable snapper in this case. Rollback in this configuration may cause mismatch between kernel in /boot and kernel modules in /usr/lib.

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