Snap xdg-open not working

I just installed openSUSE for the first time and installed snap to get some applications I need, like Spotify and Slack.
Problem now is that opening links in snaps doesn’t work, e.g., when trying to login to Slack, it uses xdg-open to do that, but it just opens the app and changes cursor to “loading cursor” and then nothing happens.
I get the same result if I run the command from terminal like xdg-open slack://
I tried to test the problem with Spotify and opening songs from It opens the spotify client, but it fails to open the song, it just shows the error “Something went wrong. Try reloading the page” in Spotify.

I tried to search for snap application logs, but couldn’t find them, the only log that might be useful, I found was from snapd with command

sudo journalctl -u snapd
AppArmor status: apparmor is enabled but some kernel features are missing: dbus, network

I checked with ***zypper search -i dbus ***and atleast dbus seems to be installed