smtube & smplayer - slow loading time

Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe, i7-3770k 3.5GHZ, 16.0 GB ram, openSUSE Leap 42.2 64-bit, KDE Plasma 5.8.3, smplayer 17.3.0-39.1-x86_64, smtube 17.1.0-15.1-x86_64, mplayer 1.2.r37916-5.1-x86_64, mpv 0.22.0-6.1-x86_64, wget 1.14-6.1, fibreoptic internet connection.

**I am posting these two problems together, as I use these two programs together. If I need to post separately, pls tell me.
I don’t think the smtube problem is the same as the smplayer problem, the best way I can describe it is smtube seems an internal problem and smplayer is the leap from web to desktop.
1] **I am having some trouble when I start smtube, in that the window graphics take a long time to load.
It takes about 30 seconds to load, first the white window, next the blue tabs, etc.
Once the window loads and I do a search it does not take overly long to complete the search.

**2] **I am also having trouble with smplayer, in that it is also slow to load videos that I search for and select in smtube, again 20 to 30 seconds before it starts to play.

This may not sound like a long time, but I know the prior versions of smtube/smplayer that I have used did not take that long, nor did it happen in Leap 42.1
Also, smplayer does not take a long time to start local files/video.

I have both smtube and smplayer on my other machine [windows 10] and they are both quick to load,under 5 seconds.
I know windows and openSuse are not the same but my internet connection [re:smplayer problem] is the same.

I am using mpv as the multimedia engine in Options>Preferences>General.

Things that are different on this end: upgraded to new openSuse 42.2 from 42.1. Newest versions of smtube and smplayer, after upgrade.

What are things I can check to find out why this might be happening.

I can’t answer your question but I’m also interested in this thread as I’ve noticed that when loading a lot of video files at once into a playlist (eg 40 videos) Smplayer is much, much slower to respond than it used to be! Wonder if it’s the same issue.

I really can’t say, as I don’t use playlists and don’t load more than one video at a time.
What kind of time are you waiting for your lists to load. Does it take a long time to load one video? The videos you are loading are local files, mine are loading from the net using smtube. Are you having slow rendering times when you open smtube? How many videos are you trying to load?

I don’t use Smtube, but trying to load, say, 30 videos, it can take 20 seconds or so sometimes, and hitting “ctrl+>” to get to the next video can then take quite some time too! Admittedly, haven’t tried since upgrading to LEAP 42.2, so we’ll see.

I don’t think it is the same issues we are having.

My Problems
for smtube- I think there is something wrong with rendering.[if that is the correct terminology]

for smplayer- the pipe ?] to the internet [jump from smtube to smplayer], the video takes a long time to start.

Your Problem
Correct me if I am wrong, but You are just opening local files. How long does it take to open[start] one file?

Correct, I’m just trying to open local files. Loading 1 file is very fast (around a second, or less).

Hopefully someone can sort your problem.

Maybe buffering? Is there internet activity during the interval? IINM smplayer has a buffer size setting you can reduce.

Here in 13.2 with smplayer 17.1.0/mpv, adding ~ 130 video files to the play list and starting the first is instantaneous.

Local files, that is.