I have downloaded suse 11 live cd and installed on my computer which already has windows xp,I am new to linux and i dont how to connect it to internet, i tried through dsl but it says smpppd is not found, i request please give links where i can download smpppd,wvdial,kinternet,wvstream for suse 11. please help me.

am using DVD 10.3 contains most of the softwares and repositories. if u can have the dvd version from somewhere it would be easy as am not sure whether they(smpppd,wvdial,kinternet,wvstream) are added in live CD.i can give u a step by step procedure but u should also let me know what type of connection u r the modem type an ADSL one and u have connected it via an ethernet card? or is it an ADSL modem connected to the pc via usb cable?u also need to configure ur LAN card (if using ethernet connection) and then configure the DSL settings with the user name and password given to u by the ISP. be ready with ur DNS addresses, IP address and Modem route.

if u r from India then try to get a copy of Linux For You, they have also distributed the openSuse 11.0 DVD version free(July or Aug Issue am not sure). The magazine will cost u 100Rs.

Thank you, It is ADSL through ethernet card PPPOE


The first thing you must learn is that you install things through Yast. The second thing is you don’t install kinternet, smpppd by yourself because for some reason Yast doesn’t configure them well.
The trick is that you go to yast->network->dsl here you set up a pppoe. When you’re finished Yast realises that you need Kinternet, and smpppd and it’s gonna install them automatically :wink:
When that is done you check your system tray. There should be a gray icon for kinternet. If it’s not there click the button that’s similar to the window’s “Start” menu. In the search start typing kinternet. It’ll show up in the results click it and it’ll load :slight_smile:

Sorry i couldnt post my reply sooner.Got knocked down by a severe cold.
Anyways, so here’s how i do it thru YaST (for 10.3)…
1)Go to the menu and click Applications
2)Click on System and scroll down to YaST
3)On the left side. select Network Devices
4)On right side clik on Network Card
5)On the Overview tab u shud c ur Network Card
6)Clik it.Select Configure from the 3 options provided below viz-a-viz Add, Configure and Delete
7)press Next. Clik General tab and select activation of the of the device at Boot Time from the drop down list.Other things remain as it is.
8)Clik on Address Tab above and select the radio button next to Statically assign IP Address
9)Write down ur IP address given by the ISP and enter Subnet MAsk as Give any name as HostName
10)Now when ur done, clik Finish at the bottom of the right side.
These steps will configure ur Network Card.