smpppd needs to be restarted after booting to get it to work


this is openSuse 11.1.
When I reboot the system, smpppd is started. (I can find it in the log, find it with “ps” and it is enabled in yast/System/Services for runlevels 2,3,5)

But when I start kinternet (it doesn’t start automatically) it shows an error and only offers “reconnect to server” - which fails.

When I do a
/etc/rc.d/smpppd restart
(as root) I can reconnect kinternet afterwards (as normal user) and then it works.

After the next reboot I have to do the same, it doesn’t work on every reboot - very annoying.
I can’t find error messages from smpppd in /var/log/messages - just the start and stop messages.

And yes, I’m in group dialout. ( I also check this forum and the bugzilla for any clues - no luck)

IIRC this already worked, but now stopped. Unfortunately I don’t see a specific change. There are other “unsual things” going on, e.g. suspend to disk stopped working some time ago, sometimes (but not not always as with smpppd) cyrus (imapd) needs to be restarted after boot. Maybe a kernel update ?

Any places to look for more info on the problem ?
(Especially: Can I find a list what specific updates were installed on what date ?)
Any tricks to fix this ?



arrg, reply to my own post - as it looks with the solution…:shame:
I just discovered, that jexec hang on boot.
(Switched back to the console 1 to see the “traffic light” from booting.)
Starting jexec…
was the last line and no success/fail behind.
I disabled jexec in yast/system/runlevels, now smpppd, wwwoffle and cyrus-imapd all worked. (Ok, just one try out of one - bad statistics)
All of these had problems at least sometimes before…

What I don’t understand is…
… how I found start messages of smpppd in the log
… why I found smpppd running using ps
… why cyrus imapd worked at least sometimes before this.
(it also is started after jexec)

Does anyone know what jexec is doing and what I might now have “killed” ?


I know this is probably an obvious question, but is smpppd enabled in YAST / System / Runlevel Services?


yes it was. I did check this.
But as the solution shows, sometimes I don’t check quite pbvioues things…