smplayer interface and .mkv players

gnome suse

SMplayer plays every .mkv i have but i cant seem to hide the top gui bar when it goes full screen.

smplayer seem to be the only player that i know plays any .mkv.

while others i get a 264h errors and vlc can play most .mkv files but not all the ones i have.(tried Banshee,wine, totem)

So i’m just looking for a quick fix

Are there any other players that can play .mkv files (fullscreen with no annoying bars)


how do i hide the tool bar in smplayer when it goes fullscreen? (because i can’t seem to find a hide option for the gui)

I don’t really want to fix the 264h… errors it just… bleh i’ve been surfing the web for a few hours trying to find a fix and it’s been very time consuming.

(how do you that bar !! Q_Q)

Hm, this is weird. Did you try the respective settings (Options → Preferences → Interface → Floating control)? There’s an option “Bypass window manager” that might help. On the other hand: this is not the floating control but some bits and pieces from the main control. It looks a bit like you could drag it somewhere else (on the left side).

Is this fullscreen at all? I think the default-shortcut for fullscreen is ‘f’ (or doubleclick on the screen).

However, it looks like you use SMPlayer in GNOME, which might cause problems (SMPlayer being a Qt-app). Actually any MPlayer frontend should be able to work with whatever SMPlayer plays, maybe there’s some good GNOME equivalent (or try MPlayer itself)?

Edit: What movie is that?

ah i didn’t know there were different verision of mplayer.

i looked through the software i found there was a kmplayer. tried it and no gui ^_^. so i’ll be using that

smplayer the gui was moveable but no matter what. when i go into full screen the gui is always on top of window. i couldn’t move it to the other panels either =(. it’s weird

anyways thankz for the help it help me a lot.

*it’s a korean commercial starring SNSD Taeyeon

Try turning on the playlist. I think that’s what fixed it for me.