smplayer doesn't play video nomore

on my laptop running KDE until about three weeks ago smplayer worked fine, after some update now it doesn’t play video no more, clicking on a movie file smplayer play only audio.
how can I have smplayer working again?

My apologies if this is an answer that you have already considered … but make certain you don’t have smplayer incorrectly ‘downsized’ in appearance.

Try playing a video, and then while playing, drag down either the lower right or lower left corner. Does that show the video?

I propose this to investigate, as the above has happened to me many times, when I try to play a video file after having played an audio file.

:shame:maaaanythanks oldcpu, please don’t apologize for my goofyness:shame: it was that!!
and as I supposed that smplayer should appear at least with a window I didn’t even try to resize it thinking it was appearing like it was only audio

Glad to read it works!!

Thanks for sharing your solution.