smplayer and bluetooth headset

On my dell latitude e6510 with opensuse 11.3 kde4.4.4 and smplayer Version: 0.6.9 (SVN r3447) Using Qt 4.6.3 (compiled with Qt 4.6.3)
I succeed to play music in my bluetooth headset, easily paired by bluedevil (great, win7 doesnt succeed:)).
in smplayer if I set output driver=pulse I can send music only on bluetooth headset, if I set output driver=alsa only on laptop soundcard, I configured pulse audio volume control to symultaneous output but I cannot find where on smplayer can I set to have simultaneous output on bluetooth headset and laptop soundcard.

another problem is that when I visualize the smplayer playlist is ok, but when I select a dolphin window the playlist disappear, if I select smplayer window it appear again so it is difficult to drag and drop files on the playlist

another is that in kmix I havent my bluetooth headset tab for volume control

any suggestion??