Smooth scrolling doesn't work in dolphin, KDE 4.11

Just a few days ago I realized smooth scrolling was introduced in KDE 4.11. I opened dolphin in superuser mode and there it was. Same thing when I tested with a new user. For me it doesn’t seem to work.
I didn’t find any option to enable it inside dolphin or in “.kde4/share/apps/dolphin” and “.kde4/share/config/dolphinrc”.
I 'm using oS 12.3 with KDE 4.11.3 from this repo: Index of /repositories/KDE:/Release:/411/openSUSE_12.3
I realize it’s probably going to work if I delete the “.kde4” directory, but I don’t want to delete all my settings just to get smooth scrolling.

I’m not aware of any “Smooth scrolling” in dolphin, only Konqueror (but that’s not new in 4.11).

But for dolphin it should be in ~/.kde4/share/config/dolphinrc then.
So either try to remove that file, or compare it to /root/.kde4/share/config/dolphinrc to find out the necessary setting.

I compared those files but I didn’t find any relevant setting.
I also deleted dolphinrc and logout but it didn’t help.

Then try to rename the whole .kde4 folder as a test.
You can rename it back afterwards then without losing your settings.

Apparently dolphin’s smooth scrolling is dependent of the setting Configure Desktop->Application Appearance->Style->Fine Tuning->Graphical Effects.
So try playing around with that one.

My setting was “Low display resolution and Low CPU” I change it to “High display resolution and High CPU” and it works now.