Smooth as Silk Upgrade to 11

I have to say, my install of suse 11 from 10.3 went very well. I kept my /home

It was so easy an without incident. And zipper is super quick.

Using kde4 too - very nice. I was using it in 10.3 and was enjoying it there. Installed kde3 too at the same time though.

Well done opensuse!

Glad to read you are enjoying it. Did you update your kde to 4.1 ?

Not to 4.1
I’m on stable desktop
Are you on 4.1? and if so how is it?

4.x ? Me ? :eek: Not a chance ! :rolleyes:

Just thought I would add some more comments to my initial ones at the start of this thread.

I have now installed all my sys back to normal. Just one or two apps missing for me in 11 (Mandvd and xmahjongg). But the xmahjongg is for the wife and I can use devede or videomaker to name a couple for making family dvd’s. No weired stuff I promise.

I have to say I’m really happy. There are some small issues I have experienced: With plasma being so new, it’s still a bit buggy in it’s interaction with the overall desktop and kwin. But nothing too troublesome. System tray icons and widgets get all skewy sometimes. I’d like to see open windows in what was the kicker panel in kde3 but is now a widget panel, only taking up half the depth of the panel. At the moment, open 4 windows or so and the panel is full. Just a minor irritation though.

My initial install was very quick, from actually clicking the install button, less than 20 mins. I did spend some time in seting up before that, as I always use custom partitioning to make sure everything is exactly how I want it with all my partitions and labels and mount points. I also added kde3 in the setup too, so that was installed from the start. Grub went exactly where it was told.

I’m just enjoying it now.