smeegol offline mode prevents kde from connecting. why?

i installed smeegol out of curiosity. and i am planning on keeping it installed as a alternative desktop. so “get rid of smeegol” is not an acceptable answer to my question.
my question is also not so much about how can i turn this behaviour off but i wanna understand whats going on.
here it is:
when i log out of kde and start smeegol i am in offline mode per default. now thats unconfortable but i can live with it. what is however very weired and this is what the question is all about: when i leave smeegol with
init 3
init 5
and i start kde again my network manager doesnt start properly. i tried switching to traditional and switching back. still not working
i tried killing the processes and restarting them
still not working.
i tried restarting my hole pc (i know stupid but it was a desperate move)
still not working
i tried a dozen other things that are even more desperate

the only thing that got my network working again was starting smeegol again and switching to online mode
then ctrl + alt + backspace
and back into kde
suddenly i am online again

this is confusing
how can smeegol **** my network manager up that hard that even a restart wont get it connected.

i apprechiate your help
but please keep to the particular question
thank you :wink:

A full cold boot should work. Some cards can be put to sleep and the state preserved even over a warm boot. This is seen sometimes in switching between Windows and Linux.

  1. i did a full restart. even turned it off and on again. yes i have seen “it crowd”
  2. this is not an answer to my question at all. i dont wanna know how to fix this problem now i want to understand it!

It is a hardware thing. the device gets set into a locked up state. Only a full power down will unlock it. This appears to happen only with certain devices so I always attribute it to buggy hardware/BIOS. A warm reboot ought to bring it back to a usable state but does not. So either the BIOS or the hardware is not doing it’s job.

You might want to report this to the developers. be sure to include the hardware specs of the device.

which part of “I turned it off, and on again” did you not understand?

please! is there anyone with some insight into this?

Thank YOU!

wow. noone. i think there is not much to expect here…