Smeegol/Meego on openSUSE, 1st impressions

After some updating I’m now able to use the Smeegol desktop. I’ve installed it on both my laptop and on a HP mini netbook, writing this in FF on my laptop in Smeegol.

The laptop has one issue: the window decorations are under the Meego bar, which does not autohide. This means I cannot close applications, other than from the Zones area.
The netbook runs the Smeegol desktop very nicely. Absolutely no issues so far, the Meego bar autohides, and hides/shows on a tick of the mouse against the top of the screen.

Overall: Meego is something different. It’s slick, quick, looks nice already, although some improvements could be made. I’m not mentioning any, since many have already been made the last couple of days, I’ll wait and see the rest improve day by day.

Specific: There’s easy configuration and use of IM/VOIP, a couple of secs and you’re connected to your Facebook, Twitter etc account. Making a network connection is a clear, simple procedure. “Evolution” is included for Agenda, Mail etc. Smeegol does not need a lot to be able to start working.

My findings: I see myself using it on a netbook, a smartphone. For my laptop and desktop systems KDE, GNOME, LXDE, XFCE have much more to offer. Meego/Smeegol is clearly designed to operate in a small space. And IMHO very nicely done.

Lucky you, couln’t get it to run on my EEE Pc or Virtualbox.


The Live images don’t run properly either, these have both been installed through one-click from the Smeegol page, as an additional desktop on 11.3. The packagers are providing new images almost every day, will test the latest in VBox this evening.

Works fine here on my ASUS 1000HE installed on the hard d now… Only
one issue with the power off on an initial install. You need to run the
power management to change the default to shutdown other wise you can’t
dismiss the shutdown if ou push the power button and don’t really want
to shutdown. I need to talk to the gnome people on how it can be
created automatically and push a patch through.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Knurpht/malcolmlewis, any chance either of you can provide a step by step install guide? I have 11.3 on my Samsung N135 and would like to try Smeegol. Looks very interesting and is supposed to be geared towards Netbooks.


Hey Dexter1979,

Searching for 'Smeegol one click" gives:

This will add the Smeegol repo, and install the Smeegol desktop. Good luck and enjoy

Dag Knurpht,

Did you manage to get WLAN running? I have test-installed Moblin 1.0 on my Dell Mini 10v a couple of times and it wouldn’t do WLAN. Must be something with the WLAN chip/driver on the
DELL Mini 10v.

openSUSE 11.3/LXDE is running swell on the little machine.

Cheers and best regards.



WLAN runs. The nice thing about Smeegol is, that it’s ordinary openSUSE 11.3 under the hood. I installed it as an extra desktop on my laptop, like I also have LXDE ( my rescue desktop in case of failed experiments in the KDE desktop ) and XFCE. If WLAN works on LXDE it will work on the Smeegol desktop too.

Give it a spin…

Dank je wel. Will try it out tonight. H.

I used imagewriter to put the Smeegol image onto a usb drive and then
booted from it, then ran through the install via YaST to add onto a
test partition on my netbook. Everything works fine so far in my

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
openSUSE 11.3 (x86_64) Kernel
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I have installed Meego via the GoblinUI.ymp available on openSUSE News
Now I can see various packages coming with Meego (Evolution, MyZone etc) in the LXDE menus.

Now, how do I boot into the Meego GUI?



Doing an install via iso-image from USB right now. Pls disregard my previous posting. H.

Any screen prints to share ? :slight_smile:

Everything on the whole working on my advent milano netbook i have 2 niggles they are no logout/shut-down/reboot button and no way to configure vpn networks :’(

any help with the above greatly appreciated

regards pete layland](

Just some question: Luckily i installed (on a Samsung N150) Smeegol. So far it works, safe the broadcom wifi (I’ll find out how to get that working, i think - i’m somewhat experienced in that by running a Debian distro in a G4 PB ;-). For the moment - Extremely nice! - a D-Link wifi stick works out of the box! Great! I’m completely new to Suse (and rpm packages, up to now i only used deb and, ecentually <alien> . . .) but i like the relatively painless way to upgrade and install new software (compared to the really complicated manner in the original MeeGo - i’m not a commandline freak :wink: )

Anyway, here my questions:

  1. In some way i lost the Media Item in the MeeGo menu bar. How can i re-install that? And, eventually, i could make Rhythmbox as the main media software?

  2. Can i install the MeeGo theme to the Smeegol distribution? And if so, how?

  3. How could i change the standard font a) in the applications b) in the environment (Nautilus ecc.; for that, i like better the original Meego) ?

  4. Is there an easy way to make the netbook working as a router (to the internet) by sharing the internet connection (like it is in Gnome Networkmanager)?

Thanks in advance!

@Farinet: a warm welcome here.

Please start a new thread in ‘Prerelease-Beta’. This thread is about first impressions, my guess is you won’t get much help in the Chit-Chat corner.

Ok, thanks for the advice. I’ll copy simply my msg there . . . :smiley:

Just another question: Is there - and if so: where? - a place where you could post questions/suggestions regarding the Smeegol netbook desktop?

After i got to work the most essential things (wired net/wlan, bluetooth with some issues) i think i detected some points which either i’m missing or which need some improvements . . . (but to start for any an own thread i think there would be lost most of it).


So, unfortunately, it’s finished, before it really could take off:

European Wafaa | Smeegol NoGo MeeGo GoGo

:frowning: :frowning: