Smeegol and HTC Magic. Is it possible?


I read the Smeegol announce and it says that supports:

communications devices, …, and media phones

I have an HTC Magic with Android 2.1. Can I change it to Smeegol somehow?
Can I use the phone to call someone?
I’m kind of confused in general.

Possible? Sure. Supported? No. Easy? Not a chance.

Phone manufacturers are in almost every case loathe to treat their devices like PCs. They (usually) do not allow multi-booting or changing the OS. People have to hack their phones to do as much. I can only think of a couple recent phones that were relatively open with the manufacturer’s blessing: The Neo Freerunner (completely open) and the Nokia N900 (mostly open).

Assuming you’re not familiar with phone hacking…

You’d need to:

  1. Root your phone
  2. Obtain an image of Meego for phones
  3. Develop or adapt the appropriate drivers for your phone so the functions you’re used to (calling, bluetooth, GPS) actually work.
  4. Install the image with the drivers.

So basically, if you are only able to handle steps 1 and 4…you need to wait and see if the HTC hacking community will create an HTC Magic-compatible image of Meego. And if you are unable or uncomfortable with even those steps there’s no point in waiting. Given the age of the phone however, a Meego image may never come down the pipe anyway.

Then again, some in the FOSS community get their kicks running linux on toasters, so you never know.