SMB4K stopped working correctky after recent update

I use SMB4K on TW to handle mounting etc of my Samba shares. After an update a few days ago (not sure what) it will no longer mount any shares, also one share which has been mounted now will not unmount either using SMB4K. All this used to work fine before a recent update. The one Samba shrare survives a re-boot as well which I found surprising. SMB4K will display the available shares OK and all the normal information is displayed OK, juts mounting does nothing and no log entries anywhere, and I have been unable to unmount this one share which survives the reboot.

Anyone have any ideas please?


Update: immediately after posting this I thought I’d try one more time and it has started working despite it not working for several days!

I am slowly getting this sorted as I still have one issue to resolve.

I have one mount which is remounted automatically after a reboot of the desktop PC. I am unable to un-mount this using SMB4K so basically I’d like to find out where this is saved. It has NOT been written to fstab - I checked. I do get a Notification of the re-mount from Samba.

I have run systemctl show -p -l WantedBy -p RequiredBy -p Before which showed


Before=ntpd.service smb.service cups.service ypbind.service iscsid.service home-stuart-Work-smb4k\x5cx2dmounts-CROWHILLNAS-Public.mount iscsiuio.service cron.service apache2.service postfix.service mysql.service nmb.service iscsi.service mysql@default.service

and as you can see there is a reference home-stuart-Work-smb4k\x5cx2dmounts-CROWHILLNAS-Public.mount which is the mount in question so something has remembered it somewhere.

Can anyone help explain how to resolve this and remove the mount?


OK finally solved. I removed SMB4K and all its associated files in my home directory, re-installed it and it now works as it should.