smb permisions question

Hi All

I have the folowing setup:
suse server 11
my samba authentication is coming from LDAP

I want to give different share permission on the same folder to different
users and/or groups (example: Administration folder is r/w by administration
group, read by Accounting group and no access to any other group)


put these lines in the stanza for the share:

read only = no
valid users = +administration +accounting
read list = +accounting

More on shaping the access here:
Samba Server and Suse / openSUSE: HowTo Configure a Professional File Server on a SOHO LAN

First line gives everyone who is allowed access to write
second line bars all access to anyone who is not a member of admin or accounts
third line stops accounts from writing

Oh, and just because I’m mischievous, here’s an alternative:

read only = yes
valid users = +administration +accounting
write list = +administration