smb not supported (konq3 on KDE4 - OpenSuse 11)

Hello all,

My very first post. I recently installed OpenSuse 11 and was pleasantly surprised. Fast install, fast bootup, snappy KDE4 desktop and with the latest updates KDE4 is quite usable.

I am thinking of using it for a while, see if it could be my desktop of choice. For now there is one nagging thing.

I use Quanta frequently, and it has not been ported to KDE4 yet. So I installed the KDE3 version. Problem is that my files are on a server in my house that I connect to via Samba. I very much wish to use the kioslave method, i.e. connect Quanta via the smb kioslave, but it does not work.

When trying it with Konqueror 3, I type in smb:/ in the address bar, and it comes back with ‘smb - protocol not supported’. As far as I can tell I installed all relevant KDE3 components, but smb just won’t work.

Any ideas?


These are the packages for a good KDE Samba experience:
samba, samba-client, libsmb-client, yast2-samba-client, yast2-samba-server, samba-doc, kdebase3-samba

I don’t know whether they would all be auto installed starting from KDE4

and check in the package manager search for kio. There are six of them ticked inn my KDE3.5 default insstallation

You could not answer better, swerdna… Thank you!

Except time has moved on – and for KDE4 you don’t need kdebase3-samba