SMB, NFS, or SSHFS for a simple share to backup my home folder?

I have a desktop with Tumbleweed. I have a 4TB HDD to store files. It is simple to use GRSYNC to backup my /home folder, etc.

I have a laptop with Tumbleweed. I would like to use GRSYNC to do the same thing, pointing to the 4TB HDD on the desktop. What would be the best, simplest way to reliably share that drive and mount in on the laptop? I am sure I can do any of them, but don’t know which I should use.

Thanks in advance.

As no Windows seems to be involved, I personally would never use Samba.

No Microsoft Windows on the network.

I would prefer this to keep all my permissions intact on the copied folders and files. The drive is partitioned with Ext 4. I could change that to BTRFS easily though.

I should state that I spent 30+ years administrating Microsoft Active Directory Networking. A complete Linux Network is new to me. I am learning as I go.

That does not matter for this. (BTW, I assume you mean you have at least one ext4 file system on a partition, ext4 is NOT a partition tool)

OTOH, I have no idea bout Windows at all. :wink:

KDE Partition Manager was used. Not that this matters. US English is a bit different from what you might hear in other places. :slightly_smiling_face: