So yes… Very stupid question… I’m relatively new to Linux… And I was used to the KDE way of using SMB in Konqueror… So when I try it in FireFox there is a problem… lol. So is there a way to do this in Gnome (yes there is I know but how?). Also since the shell is the main way to really get productive in Linux… How can I use smb in the shell?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You mean to browse to a Windows share? Nah, it’s not a stupid question as I thought it was brilliant when I found out that was possible. :slight_smile:

Just open up a Nautilus window, hit <Ctrl>+<L> (or hit the notepad on the top-left) to get the location address bar and type :
smb://<ip or servername>/<share>

You can also use the username before it like :
smb://administrator@<ip or servername>/C$

You can do the same thing for ssh (sftp).