smartd disk errors - please help!

I rebooted my PC and it failed to start, fsch saying there was a problem with one of my Hard-drives and that it could not fix it.

I removed the disk from fstab and rebooted, the system (os11.1) booted OK this time. I found I could manually mount the LVM OK so I am trying to copy the 2,000GB of data that’s in the LVM away from the disk in case it totally fails!!

Anyway, I checked messages and as it’s copying the data off, I see repeated entries and wonder if there’s anything I can do about it (eg mark them as bad to prevent writing to in future) or not?

Nov 19 16:00:58 bgrsvr-w smartd[2907]: Device: /dev/sdb, 1 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors

Nov 19 16:00:58 bgrsvr-w smartd[2907]: Device: /dev/sdb, 40 Offline uncorrectable sectors

Any help would be appreciated, the LVM consists of 2 x 1TB WD “Green” HDDs and although I can access the data now (to COPY it off), I am worried any WRITES to the disk will break it again and or loose data :frowning:

Sorry for the bump but does anyone have any ideas at all what I can do here?