smart documentation rewrite

Some of you are already aware of this, since I posted it on suselinuxsupport, and suseforums long before the merger. I wrote the original documentation for smart. Now I am involved in rewriting the documentation. I am about 45 pages into it.

Now I have made the documentation available on my site as well as available for download. The reason I have done this is so that you, the user can contribute and help make it better.

If neither of those are good for you, then what you can do is read what I have written and ask me questions on that. Or make suggestions. The more feedback I get, the better.

To download The file is odm.

To read it on my site, start here.

It doesn’t matter whether you are familiar with smart or not. All I ask is that you read it, and give me feedback.

I really hope to get participation in this. I know what it’s like to read documentation and wish the author had included this or that, or made it simpler to understand, or easier to read, or maybe even more enjoyable to read.

This is why I’m asking for feedback. So that in an open source environment, we can make the documentation the way you want it. Of course, I can complete it with out feedback, but then who’s to say it will be to your liking.

I made it downloadable so that you can download it and add to, or edit it. Again, I also put it on my site, so that it is like a wiki. So that you can register, and add to, or edit it there. And last but certainly not least, I started this thread so that if neither of those appeal to you, you can post here, your questions, comments, or suggestions.