Small starter icons in opensuse 13.1 kde

After update to opensuse 13.1 with kde the starter icons are quite small with my screen resolution 1920x1200, see the dolphin and ff icons below.
Is there a way to enlarge the icons ? Thanks.

Not for the taskbar’s launcher icons, AFAIK.

But you can remove them (right-click on each of them and select “Remove this launcher”), and then add launchers for those things to the panel directly by right-clicking on the entries in the K-Menu und choosing “Add to panel”.
Those panel launchers should resize themselves according to the panel’s height.

Yes, the three default taskbar launchers are small as per OP: FF, dolphin, and konsole. It matches the small icons for running tasks.

A launcher for konsole is not there by default.

And the other two are for the preferred Webbrowser and the preferred File Manager as configured in Systemsettings/Configure Desktop->Default Applications, so are not necessarily FF and dolphin. (I have konqueror and dolphin f.e.)

Well two out of three is close enough to confirm size. Mine originated with the “openSUSE defaults” at 12.2 > 12.3 > 13.1 standard (recent upgrades by zypper dup). So 12.2 install was a long time ago, but if/when konsole was added, it did so with a small icon to match the original default pair. I haven’t changed the panel size.

A konsole launcher was never a part of the default setup AFAICR.

You can easily add one (for any application) yourself though, by right-clicking on a taskbar entry and choosing “Show A Launcher When Not Running”.

And of course, all of the task bar’s launcher icons have the same (small) size, which is the same as of the other taskbar item’s icons (as you correctly wrote).

I haven’t changed the panel size.

The panel size has no influence on the task bar’s launcher icons. That’s the OP’s problem.

But standard panel icons do resize themselves according to the panel size, so would be a valid workaround I suppose.
The only difference is that they don’t disappear when you click on them, but that can be seen as advantage as well.

Yes, and that is my preference by far. I remove the launchers, and instead add what I want to the panel in the order I want them.

Great, thanks, resolved

Yes, I just resized the panel and as expected standard panel icons resize, task bar launcher icons don’t, but running task icons e.g. SeaMonkey and Konsole (launched) also resized. I guess that makes sense, giving a differentiation between task bar launchers and their running equivalents, but it’s only visible if the panel height is raised beyond its original default.