small letters

I have another question…Now if I can stumble around this a bit, I will try to get everything said. I am not legally blind in a sense, but I have serious difficulties when it comes to reading. Everything I read needs to be in what I call super jumbo print. I have figured out how to make this text editor and Firefox websites give me large letters. It makes my life a little bit easier. Where I am going with all this is, I just got done with opening system settings, and you know what I was faced with…SMALL LETTERS. My question is; is there any way to increase the size of those letters?

This is rather vague. Which program or settings from which programs do you mean?

My take: you open System Settings and System Settings is using small fonts too.
If I’m correct, you can open System Settings > Appearance > Fonts, click “Adjust All Fonts” (the top button), check the “Size” box and select a size to your taste (20 is my understanding of “Super Jumbo Print”), then “OK” and “Apply”.
You must close and restart System Settings to see the full effect, or restart any application you are using.
Hope this helps.

All I did was give you my recent example. What I am trying to do is increase the size of all the lettering throughout all of the apps in my computer. It’s not impossible for me to read these letters, but it is difficult and I have to work extra hard at it.

I will look into this and see what I can do…

That did the trick. That is what I was looking for.
Thank you…