Small home network, how to: EASY?

I’m running OS on my main box, have a laptop and another desktop one running XP and the lap is vista. All I want for my wife and kid to do is have access to some of my files. All connect through a Linksys wrt150n (wirless) hooked to my 'puter (openSuse 11). Internet access is still OK for all. I’ve printed out alota info on Samba and am truly lost, sorta new to linux and real new to setting up a home net. Got it down in windows but I’m stumped when I boot into Suse. Any help sure would be appreciated. :confused:


If it’s just a few files, install winscp on the windows computers and
use that instead.

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There is a YAST plugin for setting up SAMBA. Make sure you have these plugins:

#rpm -qa | grep yast2-samba

you should have at least ‘yast2-samba-server’ (if not, get it from “software management” in YAST). Once you’ve verified you have it, go into YAST->Network Services

You should find a SAMBA server icon; click it to open the SAMBA server set up. It will tell you if you need to install any thing else, in which case let it install what it needs.
-Type in your Workgroup or domain name, click next
-Click “Not a Domain Controller”, click next
-Click “Service Start:During boot”
-Check “Open Port in Firewall”, click “Shares” tab
-Click Add…
-Enter share name and description of your choice
-Share type should be directory
-The share path should be the directory you want to share over the network
-Leave the two check boxes UN-checked, click ok
-Highlight the share you just made and click edit…
-Click add, find “guest ok” option, click ok
-check the checkbox, click ok
-Click finish, you’re done

On the windows machines, your linux server should show up in the network and map network drive dialogs.

Good luck!

Thanx Malcom, I got the file but I’m trying CRC123s Samba route and see if I can make it work. It does!

CRC123, Thanx for the instructions, works great. I’ve been looking through my folders but can’t find the “network”? I’d like to copy files from here (Suse) at times to the windows boxes but I can’t find them. Windows boxes see the directories I want them to access just fine.