Slowroll Wiki Page - Suggested Change

Yesterday, there was a need to reinstall Slowroll on one of the external SSD’s, as zypper dup wanted to make changes that I thought shouldn’t be occurring. Specifically, it wanted to downgrade the architecture of some of the packages from x86_64 to i686 by downloading and installing them from the Packman repository instead of Slowroll’s. It is experimental and I’m not sure what transpired, for it to want to upgrade (?) like that, but the problem went away after a reinstall.

On the Slowroll Wiki page, it currently includes:

…but leave the network disabled (so it does not pull in newer Tumbleweed packages from online repos).

I used the same Tumbleweed image to reinstall, but this time, did not add/enable the Tumbleweed repositories during the installation. The Slowroll repositories were added after the first boot, per the directions shown on the Wiki page.

I would like to suggest that the above wording on the Wiki page, be replaced, to state ‘but not enable the Tumbleweed repositories during the installation’. There is no actual option I can see during the installation to leave the network disabled.

The description is now slightly adjusted. But in general it is possible to install with network disabled: pull your ethernet cable or switch off WLAN…

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I noticed the change on the Wiki page. Thank you.

I left the Ethernet cable plugged in, as I did not know whether the installer did anything online (other than add the Tumbleweed repositories) during the installation.