Slowroll and google-chrome repository

Hi everyone. I have 3 slowroll installations. Of the 3 installations, 2 are in VM and 1 is bare metal. slowroll will be out of beta soon as you know. I have been using chrome for many years and in all my installations I install it on the system. Yesterday I realized that all slowroll installations had a problem with chrome. Upon investigation I discovered that the google-chome repositories had been deleted. How is it possible for such a significant change to occur?
Has anyone had the same problem? Thank you all. Mauro

When you change your repos from Tumbleweed/Leap to Slowroll, all other repos get deleted. You need to add all 3rd party repos again.

As a clean transition from any other openSUSE flavor to Slowroll needs removal of the old flavor repos, all 3rd party repos get disabled/removed also in the process.

Hi @hui Thanks for chiming in. The vm had been on slowroll for months. I’ve never had any problems with repositories. The installation on the laptop is a few days ago. I check the repositories in YAST every now and then. Until 3 days ago all the slowroll, packman and google-chrome repositories were there. I’m sure!! Thanks again

I would like to add a detail. Obviously, without the repository, in YAST google-chrome was among the orphaned rpms. Reinstalling chrome on my laptop (bare metal) does not add the repository. I had to copy the link from another installation and insert it into YAST.