Slow YaST initialization

Hi everyone,
I just have a question about YaST initialization of the package management module…
Why does it take so long?
It seems that on deb distros, the package managers start up quickly, but on rpm ones, it takes a long time.
I only have about 4-6 repos configured, but whenever I do

yast --install

I have to wait about two to three minutes before I can actually install/remove packages.
Is there any way I can speed up the process? Any help would be appreciated.


It’s long, because yast’s installer refresh repos on start. Synaptic, however, do not refresh repo by default.

Yast’s behavior is actually better (and you can always skip it, there is a button for it), since if repos have been updated, you wont know it with synaptic and you will get a nasty: package not find on server.

And actually zypper (yast’s backend) refresh as fast as APT (synaptic’s backend). So yast is not slow, it just has a different behavior.

That button to skip the refresh is the best part of 11.0.

And if you have your packages up to date it only takes a few seconds then to get YAST running to install packages