Slow & Timing Out

Why is updating so slow? I’ve had problem with just the repositories taking time to autorefresh. I found an alternate URL for Packman that sped that up a lot. Still, when I let yast2 upgrade everything (or manually do it), I get a lot of very slow transfers AND many transfers that time out. I have to retry several times for some of them.

I’m configuring this particular system for some non-geek users that aren’t going to be very patient with this.

OK, I know it’s not the network connection on my end. I have high speed cable and Firefox, ftp, e-mail and everything else run very fast. It sure looks like the repositories are very slow themselves.


PS - openSUSE 11.1 with KDE 4.3.1

Things may be still settling after the planned power outage over the
weekend. I suggest you find a local mirror rather than using the

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Hum, the one link in that page that looked useful, didn’t work:

Is that due to the down time? Is there another link for this?


> Hum, the one link in that page that looked useful, didn’t work:

which one didn’t work?



openSUSE Download Mirrors - Overview wasn’t working, but it is now.

I found them and have setup with local URLs.


Yeh I heard the repos are in a bit of a mess now, but no worries you will be fine.