Slow streaming internet on fullscreen.

Hey guys, so I’ve been using opensuse for quite a long time. I’ve gone through many distros (Zorin, Fedora, Ubuntu). But I’ve never become an experienced linux user, i just love the reliability and consistency of speed.
I’ve had a problem streaming videos for a few months in full screen (i don’t often so i haven’t cared to resolve the issue but i figure enough is enough!)
videos work in full screen with no lag or issue through media players, obviously this isn’t really streaming. either way my laptop shouldn’t have a problem with this, and it never used to until recently. I’ve been using Google Chrome because Firefox was always reporting a crash upon close, if it didn’t crash on its own.
-I should specify that the video buffers quickly but is jumpy to watch. any site, any video.
any ideas? :slight_smile:

OS Information|OS:|Linux 3.1.10-1.16-default i686|
|Current user:||
|System:|openSUSE 12.1 (i586)|
|KDE:|4.7.2 (4.7.2) “release 5”|

Display Info|Vendor:|Intel Corporation|
|Model:|Arrandale Integrated Graphics Controller|
|2D driver:|intel

3D driver: Unknown Classic (7.11)

CPU Information|Processor (CPU):expressionless: Intel(R) Core™ i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz|
|Speed:|933.00 MHz|

Memory Information|Total memory (RAM):|2.3 GiB|
|Free memory:|766.2 MiB (+ 1,011.2 MiB Caches)|
|Free swap:|2.0 GiB

1st, let me say that there is no need for bold large text and such except for something that needs attention. I try to read every message I find messages with no reply and the bold text does not help.

Next, you are using 32 bit and an older version of openSUSE (12.1) and thus an older kernel. openSUSE 12.2, along with its newer kernel 3.4 should help Intyel video and there is no need to limit yourself with 32 bit though you don’t have a lot of memory, but my work Laptop, an i5 with only 2 GB of memory works fine in 64 bit mode. You can upgrade your kernel right now, but there is more to it than just the kernel, but the basic newer openSUSE 12.2, took a great leap forward in its open source video system upgrade. We also suggest you make sure your multimedia is upgraded properly and I can say if that is true or not. For multimedia, have a look here:

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide 12.1:

Now before you say you know better, those of use that have followed the guide have working video in everything. So the guide and its fine details does make a difference. If your media does pass and you want to try a newer kernel just say so, but ultimately an openSUSE upgrade would be my choice for you. Since its all free as always, you can make any choice you like.

Thank You,

Also don’t forget the good old multimedia check

If you have no problem with Chrome,
Try enable or more likely disable hardware acceleration in Firefox. Currently, the FF support for h/w accel is less than perfect.

You can also play streaming content using most media players which further narrow down whther the problem is app specific.


Hey thanks for all the replies. sorry about the font in the original post, it wasn’t like that when I was typing lol.
I have gone through packages and repositories. everything is up to date and working properly. my video is still lagging on full screen. it doesn’t make sense.
I’m going to boot the latest 64 bit over the next couple days and see what happens, hopefully will resolve some other minor issues I have also.

Can you disable hw acceleration in Fx and check ?
Refer:- How to Disable GPU Hardware Acceleration in Firefox 4
Did you try “totem vegas plugin” . It works well on youtube

so i did a full install of 64 bit. much nicer and the videos are streaming smoothly again. but as a rookie i wouldn’t mind if you guys posted links or commands for codecs and restricted things.
i use linux for downloading (ktorrent) music(banshee usually) and surfing the net a lot. i do use libre also.
thanks guys. i know im branching out of the forum topic!
i would fully take advantage of a media server (with ps3) also. i have an LG android phone also.

thanks, spencer.

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide 12.1:…ion-guide.html


Multimedia and Restricted Formats Installation Guide 12.2:

Thank You,

Dummies way to install codecs.Choose the correct one click to install the restricted formats.
1-click-collection - openSUSE Community Wiki

and because you mentioned this:

i would fully take advantage of a media server (with ps3) also.

here you have your PS3 media server for streaming PS3 Media Server . It seems to work fine, as I’m still playing around with it.