Slow startup of Firefox when using Sway

It takes nearly a minute for Firefox to appear after calling it through dmenu. Konqueror starts instantaneously

I think it may be due to wayland. Konsole takes a bout the same time to boot, but foot starts instantaneously.

When I check about:support on Firefox, the Window Protocol is set to wayland.

When logging in to Plasma Wayland or Plasma, these delays are not happening.

  1. Is the a variant of Firefox that works faster with sway?

  2. Is the another browser, besides Konqueror, that works better with sway?

Does it happen every time you open it, or just the first time after booting up?
Maybe related to this: Reddit - Dive into anything

The information in your link gave me the solution I needed.

Both Firefox and Alacritty (not Konsole as I mentioned above) now start with normal speed.

Thank you.