slow sssd login

Hello guys,
I got a problem with Opensuse 12.1 and sssd.
Before this, i was using 11.1 with an ldap setup to authenticate via ldap and since the old method seems not to work anymore I want to switch to sssd
now I got this working, but a login needs several minutes
I pasted a logfile here (Fri Dec 9 15:49:11 2011) [sssd] [check_file] (1): lstat for /var/run/nscd/soc -

Does someone know where this strange behaviour comes from?

Best regards, Peter

Knowing what provider(s) you are using would be most helpful. I’ll assume LDAP.

This seems to be a drastic case, but in my experience this occurs when the daemon cannot decide on the online/offline status of the configured back end. Perhaps check the system logs and look for LDAP connectivity issues.

– lawrence

Lawrence Kearney