Slow speeds using Samba

Hello openSUSE community! I have a laptop running openSUSE and a modern desktop dual booting openSUSE and Windows 7. I also have a 'server" that is also pretty modern and has a 3.5" drive. Although the desktop is capable of gigabit speeds that is the only computer in the house capable of it, so it is pretty useless. The “server” also runs openSUSE and I use it as my file server mainly using samba and ftp. Samba is set up so that users will not need to provide a username or password to login. Now the problem I have is that I get really low transfer speeds (from 3.0mb/s to 4.5mb/s) when I copy files from my laptop to my server and vice versa. This however is a pretty new problem and could be because of the fact that the laptop was loaded quite heavily at the time and I was using a lot of ram and swap. But even in normal conditions copying files from to/from laptop generally hits a peak of 8.3mb/s and averages at around 7.0mb/s. These are the same speeds that come up when I copy files to/from the desktop to the server (when the desktop is running openSUSE). However when I tried copying files to/from the server to the desktop using windows (the desktop was running windows) I got awesome speeds that actually was able to stay at above 10mb/s for the whole transfer time. I’m wondering why this happens? Why do I get much better transfer speeds with a Windows box rather than a linux box.
AMD FX-6300
8gb ram 1866mhz
Asus m5a99x evo r2.0 (this motherboard isn’t really well supported through my experiences as I was not able to get temperature sensors automatically detected, but apart from that everything works)
Asus Direct CU ii hd 7870 (this I had the most problems with with trying to use it with linux, it’s currently running proprietary drivers.)
500gb 3.5" WD Blue 7200rpm 64mb
core 2 duo t6400
4gb ddr2 ram
500gb 2.5 HD
GMA integrated graphics
Phenom x4 635
4gb ddr2 ram
Nvidia geforce nforce (something, currently using Nvidia proprietary drivers. Barely had any problems using openSUSE’s sdb for Nvidia drivers.)
500gb 3.5" 7200rpm Seagate slim drive
All are running openSUSE 13.1 and are updated frequently. The desktop also runs Windows 7 ultimate sp1 updated.