Slow NFS Transfers

I have a computer set up for nothing more than file storage/sharing. I’ve configured NFS and it is properly mounting on my laptop. The problem is the transfer speed. I’ve never seen it get above a sustained 205-210KB/s with occasional bursts to ~240KB/s. Over the LAN I’d expect this to be greater. I looked around and found suggestions for the fstab entry with most pointing to settings such as       /tor    nfs     rw,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,hard,intr,nfsvers=3,tcp,noatime,nodev
,async,lock 0 0


The only thing I can think of is that I’m transferring over wireless but that can’t be an issue since even 802.11b supports 11MB. The storage computer is 10.3, has a Linksys wireless B card, SATA drive. The laptop is 11.1 with built-in wireless G, also SATA.

Any insight would be appreciated.

I don’t experience this, but do use NFS a lot. In the past i’ve tried numerous options to congigure nfs mounting, for several reasons. Most of the time changing the default options lead to a drop of performance, therefore i suggest you stick to defaults: /tor nfs defaults 0 0

Your /etc/exports on the server should be like this:
/tor *(rw,root_squash,sync,no_subtree_check)

If you still experience these slow speeds, another suggestion is to upgrade the server from 10.3 to 11.1, that way you’ll make sure that it’s not some kind of hidden version incompatibility.

Speeds on NFS in my network are that good, that watching dvd-video on clients from mounted ISO’s on the server is fine, playing games with wine, with games-dvd installed on server is working well.