slow internet!!

hi i have 11.1 and my internet is VERY SLOWW!
i’m downloading a program now and it’s going 15-20 kb/s

I hardly had this propblem in ubuntu but why is it downloading so slow in open suse anyway

please help thank you

Downloading from where?

The information you provided is not enough.

Run a speed test. Speakeasy - Speed Test

Do you have IPv6 enabled?

I don’t know but how do i do that?

Is it possible to select main server like you can in ubuntu?

i need help
i disabled ipv6 does that help?
my internet was fater in ubuntu
and my internet was faster when i installed it but whats going on to my internet?
it faster on my fathers pc

is this normal?

Follow these to increase the speed of the internet
clear out the cookies in the browser , i feel it will be reason for your internet slow process .
Go to browser then click tools & clear private data in it
Then check out the speed of the internet in this site IP : Internet Speed test
I found that speed of my internet in this site & got nice solution …
This site provide internet speed test at cheap cost & they are very much good in providing services …

To find out the reason for slow internet, I think wireshark is a good network analyzer.