Slow internet with Dlink DIR-655

I have a strange problem. I bought a new router yesterday. It is a Dlink DIR-655. After some fiddeling with the IP’s on my LAN I got it to work nicely under XP (the install cd only works there).

When I switched to opensuse my internet speed dropped around 100K a sec (I got 8MB down) and the connection is very slow to react to say the least.

The router runs DHCP and I have given my primary machine a reserved IP. The computer is connected through a network cabel.

I have switched off the firewall (there is an inbuilt in the router) to see if that gave any problems, but with no result.

I have a Acer Apsire One with Linpus Lite and there I have no speed problems over the wired or wireless connection.

Anybody else have experienced this with a router and opensuse? And is there a way that I can use to diagnose the problem a bit further?

Thank you in advance.

Is your static IP outside the router’s DHCP range, but in the same network? Also, if you have a fixed IP, try disabling DHCP altogether and uPnP as well (for the time being). Another thing I hear many times is to disable IPv6 in your SuSE.

Disabling IPv6 did the trick :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

Can someone Tell me how to disable the IPv6 in SuSe because I have the Wireless D-link USB (D-Link DWA-160 Xtreme N Dual Band USB Adapter)
and I have the same problem with the slow internet.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Open Network Settings in YaST

Click on the Global Options tab and uncheck the ‘Enable IPv6’ check box and OK

Reboot required