Slow hard disk i/o ext4 + luks Tumbleweed

Whenever files are moved / copied to / from my laptop’s hard drive,
the cpu usage goes up to 100% and top shows very high usage for
process causing system freezes.

Is this normal on lvm+luks+ext4 on a hard drive?

openSUSE Tumbleweed
64 bit
Dell Inspiron 5567

I’ve been using LVM with LUKS and “ext4” for years. And the slowdown seems too small to notice.

However, if I am copying between the “ext4” file system and an external “ntfs” file system, then that is slower and there is a lot of CPU usage for the “ntfs” file system.

You mention “ext4” for one side of the copy. You have not mentioned what’s on the other side.

Though I was using ntfs, same happens while copying data
within the same ext4 partition the system is installed on

I used expert partitioner during install

I’m not noticing a problem with “ext4” to “ext4”.

Well, okay, if I copy a 4G file (a linux iso), that does take a noticeable time. For small files, I don’t see a delay.

If data being copied exceeds a few gigs, the usage shoots up
This partition is 1.4 TB , I was copying a folder of 25 GBs

The installer had recommended xfs for /home

Lots of small files takes more resources then one big file of the same size.

Copy from the command line or a GUI (which)

luks should not have a big hit but some

Same happens when copying files in same partition via cp
from command line.
The system is lvm encrypted container which contains / , a data partition
which has symlinks to xdg directories, and a swap

Does this need bug reporting? How do I find out what is causing this?