Slow Detecting USB devices

Has anyone experienced this? I insert a USB flash drive in OpenSuse 11 and it takes quite a while for the OS to recognize the drive. Same happens for my camera too.

Just curious…

If you are on a laptop, make sure you are using a v2.0 port (my old laptop had 3 usb ports 2 of which were v1.1 ports and were slow as the seven-year-itch; my new laptop has 3 v2.0 ports and is a real joy to play with).

that said, do “lsmod” in a terminal and see if
“usbcore 188376 5 usb_storage,usblp,ehci_hcd,ohci_hcd”
shows something like that.

Hi, yes i have the same observation
which is now bothering me…
I google a bit and this slow usb detection
and transfer rate probaly due to “sync” which
is done by automount or smth like that.
i other words enven one has USB 2.0 transfer rates
are as USB 1.0. Check your harware info on pluged device.
Imagine at the moment i’m pumping 8.2 GB data in USB 1.0 transfer
rates… it’s a bit anoying. I’m sad.