Slow boot

Booting into my new opensuse 12.2/kde system is very slow. On my hp
envy 17, I also have ubuntu 12.04:

(timed by hand)

0:12 grub menu
0:43 kde starts to load (the row of icons appears in middle of screen)
0:58 kde tune plays (ready)

on my new opensuse:

0:12 grub menu
1:20 kde starts to load
2:00 kde tune plays

I had a look at the ‘boot chart’ systemd-analyze plot > bootchart.svg.
According to this, booting takes only 38 seconds ! (?) … How do I go about this?

what about systemd-analyze blame, that should give you all the processes and the time for each of them. Some users noted that the size of the file created by systemd-analyze increase the bot time. check the size of the file /var/log/journal/*/system.journal and if it is more than 10GB(some users had it around 120GB) change the setting in the configuration file to limit the size. change RuntimeMaxFileSize=10M in /etc/systemd/systemd-journald.conf or whatever you want. In one of the threads it is even quantified the boot time increase per GB.

thnx… In my system the largest log file is about 100M

as for systemd-analyze blame, I dont know which ones I can remove

4673ms tpdaemon.service
4392ms systemd-modules-load.service
3877ms vmware.service
2319ms systemd-vconsole-setup.service
1689ms avahi-daemon.service
1513ms systemd-logind.service
1484ms localnet.service
1374ms postfix.service
1166ms syslog.service
1000ms media.mount
995ms var-run.mount
989ms var-lock.mount
972ms dev-mqueue.mount
960ms dev-hugepages.mount
933ms sys-kernel-debug.mount
903ms udev-root-symlink.service
888ms sys-kernel-security.mount
771ms SuSEfirewall2_init.service
724ms systemd-remount-api-vfs.service
662ms vmware-USBArbitrator.service
620ms remount-rootfs.service
576ms vboxdrv.service
483ms console-kit-log-system-start.service
483ms sda9.mount
463ms fbset.service
460ms udev.service
440ms SuSEfirewall2_setup.service
418ms acpid.service
403ms brld.service
372ms NetworkManager.service
371ms cpufreq.service
287ms systemd-readahead-replay.service
287ms sda10.mount
271ms systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service
256ms systemd-sysctl.service
248ms sda7.mount
241ms xdm.service
175ms network-remotefs.service
157ms systemd-readahead-collect.service
143ms sda6.mount
134ms systemd-user-sessions.service
111ms quota.service
96ms sshd.service
96ms rc-local.service
94ms sdb1.mount
66ms udisks2.service
63ms bluez-coldplug.service
44ms network.service
40ms vboxweb-service.service
37ms console-kit-daemon.service
36ms vboxautostart-service.service
35ms vboxballoonctrl-service.service
33ms sbl.service
25ms udev-trigger.service
16ms rtkit-daemon.service
3ms upower.service
1ms sys-fs-fuse-connections.mount

How about posting it to SUSE Paste? Somebody may get an idea.

Jos, amongst other things: by posting output between CODE tags, which makes it more readable. Use the # in the editor.

I have a HP Envy14 Spectra with 2 X ssd drives and it is exactly the same as you mention above about 2 min before play tune, and before that not many applications work

on the same computer and with opensuse 12.2 it started in less than 10 seconds ( play tune )

If you are booting with grub switch to grub2 you should see a faster boot time
On 03/04/2013 06:23 PM, Larry Finger wrote:

With grub2, it loads in 2-3 seconds on an HP dv2815 laptop with a modest
AMD Turion CPU at 2 GHz.

The difference might be grub2, or it might be due to poor performance
for an i7 running in 8686-compatibility mode. I doubt that Intel spent
much time optimizing those operations.


So, out of curiosity I switched to grub2 and voila, initrd is loaded in “no time”, i.e. faster than I can see on the screen really.

No more 10 second delay with grub2. Switching back to grub reverts to slow boot.

I was not seeing any need to switch to grub2 until now, but this speed difference (especially if it reduces boot times to normal on older Core2Duo machines) makes a significant difference.

Is there any explanation for this (beyond what was already discussed)?

I feel like there must be something wrong with grub on 12.3 and not that it is a simple “initrd size” issue… as mentioned initially, on 11.4 initrd loads instantly (11MB) but on 12.3 (32MB) takes in the order of 30-60 seconds. Sure it’s 3 times as big, but takes about 30 times as long to load.