slow boot

im just wondering is there anything i can do to make opensuse boot faster. right now it takes me 1min 44 which seems a bit long for a linux distro

HP dv6000
dual core 1.7ghz
2gb ram

It’s a bit slow. Have you presses Esc. during boot to see if there are any errors that indicate what may be slowing it?

ya i did nothing seems to be wrong
its after the screen “openSUSE” with the loading bar and it starts to load the desktop it takes ages to show everything it just sits there loading

What desktop? kde3 or 4 / gnome
Tell us a little about your computer - eg: graphics, connected devices…

gnome its a laptop so i dont have anything extra connected
are there any processes i can stop

If this is a new install it should be OK. Processes that might slow things down normally only affect the machine in normal use, not at boot. We often advise deleting beagle for this reason.

Slow to boot issues are more likely drivers loading. It’s possible there may be some indicators in .xsession-errors
It a hidden file in /home/username