For some reason I cannot save a custom folder as my slideshow to my desktop settings. I can go through the process of selecting my folder and close the app, but on next boot I’m back to default wallpapers.
I am using 13.1 at this time.

I feel like my desktop has been hijacked.
What do I have to uninstall in order to reinstall to get my desktop back.

That is pretty vague is this the slide show problem?

renaming ~/.kde4 will bring you back to default

Note must be done when you are not running the desktop. Can’t change a tire when driving the car

That didn’t do what needs to be done. Now I have a kde4 and kde41, there is no difference in its behavior though. It appears like I might have to reinstall. (I hope not) This is getting to be annoying.

Im gonna elaborate a little more on my statement.
Desktop settings-plasma desktop shell. The large white area where you can add preferred wallpaper folders into. I can’t seem to get any of my folders to save to said area. They will for that moment but I close app and reopen app and they are gone.
Is there a way to reinstall that desktop plasma shell and it’s components.

Could very well be a bug I never tried it.

I’m still at 12.4 so maybe we can get someone else that is running 13.1 to try it.

If it is a bug then it needs reported to bugzilla