SLES11 / OpenLDAP / Active Directory

Hi everyone. Sorry if this answer already exists, I’ve had a look around but got a little confused so I thought I’d just ask.


My company uses vCenter5 which authenticates against AD and NIS only. Problem is we only use OpenLDAP. What I’d like to do is setup a Windows AD server just for vCenter5 that pulls in users from an openLDAP group.

I’ve come across this document; Samba, Active Directory & LDAP - SambaWiki so just wondered how best to go about this on SLES11?


While you are welcome here, I wonder why you do ask this in the openSUSE forums instead of in the SLES/SLED forums at: SUSE Forums

Ah sorry I didn’t realise there was a specific forum, sorry late night!! Can you please move it.

Sorry, I can’t. That is a different setup run by Novell. This is run by openSUSE users.

But you can use the same username/password to go there and then copy/paste will be easy I guess.