SLED 10 Login problem

Hi everyone,

i have a little problem.

I recently purchased a HP2133 mini note pc running Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, All was fine with it until i switched it on today and was greeted with this,

For some reason my login details wont work, As i’m a noob i don’t know what to do.

Is there a way around the login process? A master reset button perhaps or a secret key combination.

A friend of a friend has recommended i use the disk to reinstall it, but it did not come with a disc as the hp2133 does not have an optical drive, so i was hoping someone on here could help or at least point me in the right direction.

       Many thanks  

Try typing your user name (enter)
and then your password (enter)

It will log you in but still CLI. Now type:

startx (enter)

what happens?


this is the openSUSE (free!) linux forum…

what you have on your new HP is the commercial (non-free) linux from
Novell…yes, the open side and the commercial side are related, but
NOT the same…

though it may be helpful you should ignore all advice you get here
and, instead join the correct forum for your SUPPORTED software, at:

i believe (but am not sure) that your new OS has xx days of getting
started support…ask on the Novell forum…

when you get ready to crawl out on the edge of new, then come back
here and learn how to dual boot both SLED and the latest and greatest


> [image:

on looking at that (too small) image again it looks like you may have
successfully booted to run level 3, which MIGHT be the result of
selecting “safe mode” or something similar on the initial boot up
welcome screen…

so, sit down and WATCH the screen while you boot…the first green (i
guess it is green on SUSE 10) screen will (might) have a list of
options, something like

  • boot suse (default)

  • boot suse (pae kernel)

  • boot safe mode

  • boot repair mode

and, you can move the highlight up and down with the arrow (or tab) keys…

normally, the top of that list is what should be selected for normal

and, normally it will always boot what was LAST selected…so, if you
(or someone) accidentally selected something other than the top item
it will always boot that way…