Slave HD Setup/Use???

I’ve added a 2nd 320GB HD as a slave to the 1st. Mount point for it is Home2. I’m using openSUSE 10.2 still. I have 11.0 on a DVD, planning on going to go to it soon. So this 2nd HD is listed in my Root Folder. Yast sees it also in the Partitioning section. I want to configure things so I can move/share/copy video files between the 2 HD’s but don’t know how. At some point I get told ‘only files in my home folder can be shared’. Would it work, or be a mistake, if I made a large partition [most of the HD] in this 2nd HD and named it Home? Although I have not put a folder in it yet, a Lost and Found Folder has been put in it automatically using about 6GB’s. Any helpful advise would be much appreciated. John:\

It’s simple, really. You run Konqueror as root (in a konsole you type su, give your root password, then type konqueror), when Konqueror comes up you right-click on your Home2 folder, select properties, and then select the Permissions tab. There you set the permissions accordingly: you can leave the owner at default (root), but allow users and other folks to browse and change the contents of the folder - the 3 drop-down lists you see. You can also tick the check-box at the bottom to apply changes to all subfolders, for good measure. Then you click OK and now you can retry to use your new drive: it should work.:wink:
Don’t worry about lost&found, it’s just a system directory used for filesystem checks; also, don’t partition the drive, it’s not necessary. Just use it as it is.

Hey thanks,…it works! So maybe this weekend I should copy all the contents of my 1st HD’s Home Folder into the 2nd HD. Then install openSUSE 11.0 in the 1st HD, formatting it only. Any bugs with 11.0? I think this time I would maybe not install things like games which I never really use. John:)

No bugs that I know of. If 10.3 is working, 11.0 will work too - only better. One suggestion: if you’re after compatibility, don’t go with the 64-bit edition; likewise, if you’re after stability and you use KDE, go with KDE 3.x, not 4.x. As for the partitioning: if you work with large files like video, I’d mount the entire second drive as /home; that way, you effectively make it independent from the rest of your system and don’t have to worry about anything in the case of a reinstall or similar. As for the first drive, the SuSE defaults (a few GB for swap + the rest for root) should be fine; if the drive is substantially larger than 20-30 GB, it would make sense to set up a third partition (maybe even leave the space over the 20 GB mark unpartitioned) for later use; you may later decide to use that partition for temporary video editing, or maybe for downloading torrents, or maybe even for installing an alternative OS, it’s your choice. What I’m trying to say is: if you have a separate /home drive, allotting more than 20-25 GB to /root would be a waste of space.

Thanks again. So KDE 3X. I think I’ll end up with about what I have now. The Master HD is a WD 320GB, the slave is a Seagate 320GB HD. Until being able to install 11.0 * the big problem is I have at least 250GB’s of video in the 1st HD which I want to save. I seem to get more video about as quickly as I burn and delete video. Also have amassed many things like music videos which I may keep for a long time. The 1st HD I set-up [when 10.2 was new] with 1.9GB’s for Swap, about 29GB’s for OS /?] and the rest for my home folder. Still almost nothing in the 2nd HD…just the Lost and Found, and a folder I made today called Video2. I copied an old Folgers Coffee commercial into Video2 and verified that it plays/sounds/looks OK as a test. I’m thinking I should be able to copy the entire contents of the home folder into Video2…might take some time for it to do that. The one minute commercial was quick. Would rather not have to access Video2 as ROOT though, but can. I’ve found many of the video apps don’t work very good [eg:ManDVD…too bad it has great menu set-up…but won’t work for me]. Devede produces good working DVD’s in conjuction with K3b. Mplayer and Kaffeine are great working video viewers. I’ve found most of the TV watching apps have issues. This my 1st computer is almost 7 yrs old. Little is original though other than the MB and case. Still works fine. My maxing out the HD with video, constantly deleting and adding video files [from small to very large] vaguely reminds me of the pain in the butt of frequent ‘Defragmentation’ that you have to do with you know who…or else CRASH!!! No anti-virus program$$$] for 3 yrs now too!!! Thanks again…John*