'Slab' menu

In a lot of ways, the slab menu seems like a good idea. But it drives me nuts to have to click ‘More Applications’ to get to most of the stuff I use.

Sure, I could list ‘favorite applications,’ but if I make that menu too cramped, it defeats the purpose.

Once I click the button, there’s a new window which works fine, but it’s an irritation. I’d much rather ‘hover’ over it and have a traditional menu pop up, preferably still with the search box.

Is there any way to customize this behavior, or remove ‘slab’ in favor of traditional GNOME?

Right click on the gnome panel and choose “Add to Panel”. Then choose “Traditional Main Menu”

Then you can right click on the SLAB menu and remove it.

Sweet, thanks! I was looking there this morning and didn’t see it… probably because I was crazy tired.

I’ll just put this next to slab instead of replacing it!

Anyhow, thanks!

I find it quite handy to have the traditional menu up at the top and Avant Window Navigator down at the bottom. Makes life a bit more interesting.